“The first wedding anniversary is suppose to be paper. I had pointed out this figurative piece @jacksonjungegallery a few times. Brian knew how much I loved this piece. It made the most beautiful gift to celebrate our first year of marriage. Thank you for sharing a piece of it for me to enjoy in my home for years to come.”

~ Gina, Chicago, IL

“Believe me when I say the painting gives me joy in the viewing on so many levels and I will continually reflect on it, as each day transfers different energies….
Never cease seeing the beauty of our world in its natural state of enchantment, and continue to spread that view and beauty with the use of your talent”

~ Amy, Chicago, IL

“Thank you for sharing your talent; it is our pleasure to live with your art.
“Desert Bloom II” never fails to bring a smile to my face as I walk by – it is happy and whimsical…my personal vision of a Garden of Eden. “Summer Delights” is fantastical and fluid evoking a real feeling of personal joy and freedom. Both perfect additions to our walls…Looking forward to our next Benjye piece.

~ Kaitlin and Jim, Toronto ON Canada

“I have a Benjye original hanging in my bedroom. So I can see beauty before sleep as well as upon wakening”

~ Arthur, Venice, CA

“Benjye’s ability and talent at capturing the human form is, to me, unique and mesmerizing. The figures seem to be still and yet moving. Calm and yet alive and vibrant. A mystery to me, but one I never tire of trying to solve.”

~ Dena, Scottsdale, AZ

“I just love your art!”

~ Anna, Stockholm, Sweden

“Your painting, “Ribbons of Love“, continually reminds me of my childhood sunsets in Michigan…love looking at it everyday”

~ Peggy, Scottsdale, AZ

“I love your “color-drenched” artwork…A rare and remarkable gift your work offers our world”

~ Susan, Winston Salem, NC

“I love my two Benjye’s”

~ Georgia , Naperville, IL

“We are loving our painting”

~ Carolyn, Lexington, MA

“Your cowboy pastel makes our family room so special…always get compliments”

~ Robert, Michigan City, IN