The site features original landscape paintings, drawings of single nude figures and multiple nude figures, as well as open edition and limited edition Giclée prints from Chicago artist Benjye Troob. She now splits her time between Scottsdale and Cape Cod which has been an inspiration for many of her recent works. Benjye’s dynamic style has made her a favorite among collectors in the United States and Europe . Vibrant colors, rhythmic movements and overlapping shapes throughout her paintings invite the viewer into an exciting and expressive world of art. Ms. Troob studied art in New York and Chicago and remains an avid student of “life figure drawing” which is a continual inspiration for her work..

Image of artist Benjye Troob in action at her easel


For many years now, one of my favorite places to go is the drop–in  live model drawing studio.   I especially love the quick action poses where I create gestural overlapping figures, my multiple nudes, using Sennelier and Nupastels.    Often, with a wet paint brush, I blend colors to create different effects to the drawing. I also use a similar process in drawing my single nude figures.   I finish many in my studio and frame or shrink wrap them for clients to purchase.  They become beautiful pieces of artwork that are in homes and businesses throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

My landscape paintings have been inspired by my travels and my time in Arizona and Cape Cod. I have incorporated into these works my love of color, line, movement and shape.  My intention is to place the viewer “inside” the landscape rather than viewing it from the “outside” looking in.   Recently, many of my paintings are of the Arizona desert and sunsets as well as the seashores and marshes of Cape Cod.   The desert light and coastal colors of blues, greens and yellow hues have deeply influenced these works.

Many of my landscapes as well as the nudes are available in “GICLEE” Prints, a  French word meaning  “ to spray” .  These  are the finest quality fine art printing available today.  Using Epson Stylus Pro inkjet printers along with use of the  finest archival pigmented inks, they are printed on canvas that is coated or on archival paper.  They are available as Limited Editions, signed and numbered prints and/or Open Editions, single prints.

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